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The director Vassilis Katsikis

Vassilis Katsikis

Born in Ioannina, Greece, in 1961. He studied Pharmaceutics and then proceeded in Film Studies in Italy. He worked as producer, director screenwriter. In latest years, he produces and directs a documentary series titled "MIXER", for the Greek National Television.


1987, Thessaloniki - Environment
1990, Gypsy's Life
1996, The shadow-theatre puppeteer
1996, Prefecture of Thessaloniki
1996, The holy icon painter
1996, The boat builder
1996, The musical instrument manufacturer
1997, Humour in Macedonian customs
1997, Humour at the tavern
1997, The wandering film exhibitor
1997, The coal maker
Awarded at the 1st New Technology 16:9 Cultural Documentary Festival in Thessaloniki 1997
1990-2000, 35 Advertising TV spots
2001, Paths of the refugees
2001, Ι ask for asylum
2002, Globalisation and against
2002, Il nostro figlio Carlo Giuliani
2002, War and Mass Media
2002, The dark side of "Aphrodite"
2nd European Award in the CIRCOM 2003 International Festival, in the "Cross Border" section
2003, We are Cypriots
2003, The Arab voices: The War in Iraq
2003, War in the highway
2003, My life in the "Brigade Rosse"
2003, Summer Vacations
2004, Genetically modified products - Pesticides
2004, Fast food vs slow food
2004, The days after Chernobyl
2004, Silvio Berlusconi: Una storia Italiana
2004, Kitsch in Dictatorship
2004, The two sides of the Aegean: Greece - Turkey
2004, CCTV