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The director Pericles Hoursoglou

Pericles Hoursoglou

Born in Athens in 1955. He studied mathematics at Athens University and film at the Stavrakou Film School. From 1976 until 1992 he has worked as an assistant director with many filmmakers, most notably with Pantelis Voulgaris, who has been his teacher. He is also working as a script consultant, in the Scriptwriting seminars organized by the Mediterranean Film Institute and in the Microfilm programme, organized by the State television.


1980, THE CUFF LINKS, short
1983, TOUCH TYPING, short
1986, STYLE, telefilm
1993, LEFTERIS, feature film
1997, THE MAN IN GREY, feature film
Best Actress (Irene Iglessi) and
Best Supporting Actress (Rania Economidou) at the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF THESSALONIKI 1997
2003, EYES OF NIGHT, feature film
Third Prize for fiction feature film,
Best Leading Actress award (Vangelio Andreadaki)
and Best Supporting Actress award (Ekavi Douma) at the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF THESSALONIKI 2003