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The director Stelios Haralambopoulos

Stelios Haralambopoulos

Born in Athens in 1956. He studied economics and cinematography in Greece and followed post-graduate studies in Paris. He was the publisher of the art magazine "GRAPHI". Since 1988, co-founder with producer Thanos Lambropoulos and director of photography Yiannis Varvarigos of PERIPLUS, a film and TV production company specializing in creative documentaries. He has made documentaries for Greek public television (ET-1 and NET) and collaborated with European television channels (RAI, LA SEPT/ARTE, CHANNEL 4).


1980, ON A BLANK PAGE, short
1987, THE STROLL, short
Best Film Award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival
1996, HADES, feature film
2001, LOG BOOKS - GEORGE SEFERIS, documentary
1st Prize for Best Documentary at the Thessaloniki Film Festival
2005, YANNIS MORALIS, documentary, 80'
2021, THE WIND OF FREEDOM, fiction documentary