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The director Costa-Gavras


Konstantinos Gavras (born in Loutra Iraias, Greece), better known as (Constantin) Costa-Gavras, is a Greek-French filmmaker best known for films with overt political themes, most famously the dark, fast-paced thriller, "Z" (1969). Most of his movies were made in French; starting with "Missing" (1982), several were made in English. He has been awarded with the Best Foreign Film Oscar (1969, Z), Best Screenplay Oscar (1982, Missing), Palme d'Or (Cannes International Film Festival, 1982, Missing), Jury Prize (Cannes International Film Festival, 1975, Section Speciale), Golden Bear (Berlin Film Festival, 1990, Music Box).


1958, Les Rates
1965, Compartiment Tueurs
1967, Un home de trop
1969, Z
1970, L'Aveu
1973, Etat de Siege
1975, Section spéciale
1979, Clair de femme
1982, Missing
1983, Hanna K
1986, Conseil de Famille
1988, Betrayed
1990, Music Box
1991, Contre l'oubli
1993, La petite apocalypse
1995, Lumière et compagnie
1995, À propos de Nice, la suite
1997, Mad City
2002, Amen.
2005, Le Couperet
2009, Eden Is West
2019, Adults in the Room