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The director Jonathan English

Jonathan English

Writer, director, and producer for film. His breakthrough came with IRONCLAD in 2011. A hit with critics and at the box office, it is set in the Thirteenth Century against the backdrop of the signing of the Magna Carta and the siege of Rochester castle. He wrote and directed a sequel IRONCLAD 2: BATTLE FOR BLOOD in 2013, starring Michelle Fairley, Tom Austen, and Danny Webb. Prior to this he wrote and directed MINOTAUR starring Tom Hardy, Rutger Hauer and Tony Todd.

As a producer, he has worked on films such as A GOOD WOMAN, starring Scarlett Johansson and Helen Hunt, SWEETWATER starring Ed Harris, EMILE starring Ian McKellen and THE POET, starring Dougray Scott. In 2012, he also directed his first stage play in Los Angeles, AMERICAN BUFFALO by David Mamet, which ran for seven weeks at Theatre 68.


2006, MINOTAUR, 94'
2011, IRONCLAD, 108'
2014, IRONCLAD 2, 108'
2017, DIAS (in pre-production)