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The director Tassos Boulmetis

Tassos Boulmetis

Born in Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1957. He came to Greece in 1964. He studied Physics in the University of Athens and Film Production and Direction in the University of California (UCLA), with scholarship from the Onassis Foundation, where he also worked for a while as an assistant.

In Greece he started his career as a director/producer of TV shows in the national television channels. He then co-produced, directed and wrote the film "Dream Factory". The film gained 8 awards in Greece and the Golden Award of Fantasy Movies in the Houston Film Festival. Since 1988 he's been directing TV spots, internationally, and has specialized in Special Effects and Processing of Electronic Images.


1990, Dream Factory
2003, A Touch of Spice
The film was awarded the following prizes at the 44th International Film Festival of Thessaloniki:
Best Motion Picture First Prize,
Best Director award (Tassos Boulmetis),
Best Screenplay award (Tassos Boulmetis),
Best Cinematography award (Takis Zervoulakos),
Best Set Design award (Olga Leontiadou),
Best Music award (Evanthia Reboutsika),
Best Sound award (Dimitris Athanassopoulos),
Best Editing award (Giorgos Mavropsaridis),
The Dewar's Audience award for best Greek film
and the Special award for technical excellence, Greek Film & Television Technicians Association
2016, Mythopathy
2018, 1968