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Photo from the play's printed program

Theatrical play "MEDEA"

Euripides' MEDEA is re-approached by the world famous director Anatoli Vassiliev. It is a production of Greek Festival and the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patras. During August 2008, MEDEA is hosted by many theaters in Greece.


Directed byAnatoli Vassiliev
Art DirectorDionissis Fotopoulos
Costume DesignCsaba Antal
MusicTakis Farazis
ChoreographyCsaba Horvath
TranslationEffie Bastia
CastLydia Koniordou (Μήδεια), Nikos Psarras (Ιάσων), Aglaia Pappa, Dimitris Kanellos, Giorgos Gallos, Nikos Karathanos, Maria Derebe, Vassiliki Kalpaka, Alexia Kaltsiki, Vassilis Koukalani
ProductionHellenic Festival, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patras
Executive ProducerCL Productions